Early Childhood Special Educator

Essential Functions

  1. Work jointly with the Director and Family Service Coordinator to develop and implement policies pertaining to the Kid-Link program.

  2. Report to the Director of Programs and Services on the progress and potential problems within the Kid-Link program and other agencies associated with Kid-Link.

  3. Participate in DSNWK long range planning process and the Kid-Link Network Continuous Improvement Plan by creating and completing goals and objectives and reporting outcomes to the Director.

  4. Follow the procedures developed by DSNWK, the Kansas State Board of Education, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and follow the Procedure Manual for Infant Toddler Services in Kansas..

  5. Keep current on information, research and legislative concerns related to early intervention services and take action as needed to support the program..

  6. Act as the contact person for parents and other service providers concerning the Kid-Link program.

  7. Hire, supervise and evaluate the Early Intervention Paraprofessional(s) and ensure they are properly trained according to the immediate and ongoing needs of their job.

  8. Jointly, with the Kid-Link team and all contracted therapists, develop and ensure the implementation of the Individualized Family Service Plan for each child in the Kid-Link program.

  9. Ensure the Infant Toddler database for Kansas Part C services is utilized with data entry, maintenance and revisions as required of the IFSP.

  10. Complete appropriate screenings, and assessments for determining eligibility for infants and toddlers in the counties served.

  11. Assist with the transition process for children entering/exiting the Kid-Link program to facilitate a smooth and timely transition.

  12. Routinely meet with Part B personnel to assist in transition communication and planning.

  13. Complete required reports according to agency and State policies, licensure and accreditation standards in a timely manner.

  14. Complete the Child Outcomes Summary forms per State requirements.

  15. Assist with Kid-Link public awareness and fund raising activities.

  16. Obtain training necessary to maintain Kansas teaching certification and DSNWK employment.

  17. Participate in agency, community and State meetings and activities as directed.

  18. Ensure the human rights of the Kid-Link children are maintained.

  19. Report health, safety and ANE issues to appropriate personnel per agency policies. In addition, report to the State as required for mandates for ANE issues.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Complete other duties as assigned by the Director of Programs and Services.

  2. This position will have access to all PHI and EPHI for individuals whom they support as a member of the Life Plan Team or whom they provide backup services; provide on-call supports, and involvement in investigations, as required; and planning for Day and Residential service options for individuals with dementia and those who are medically fragile. 

  3. This position is not subject to the two year training period as defined by KPERS.

Job Specifications

Education - Bachelors degree in Education with an endorsement of Early Childhood Handicapped or Early Childhood Unified, required. Certification as a Early Childhood Special Education Teacher required.

Experience - One year experience with individuals with developmental disabilities, preferably in an educational system, preferred. Supervisory experience preferred.

Extent of physical effort required - Routine job requirements. Little if any behavior or other physical intervention. Must be physically able to evacuate children in the event of an emergency and apply necessary behavior management techniques as directed by the family and Individual Family Support Plan Team. Position may have other physical requirements for specific settings, i.e. climbing stairs, sitting on the floor, lifting small children, toys and equipment, etc.

Other Requirements

  1. Valid driver's license.

  2. Interest in working with children with developmental disabilities.

  3. Able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential information

  4. Must have good people skills.

  5. Must have good organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  6. Complete and maintain First Aid/CPR certification.

This job description does not provide the basis for an employment contract or constitute an offer of employment.  It is intended solely to outline the qualifications and responsibilities of this position. These qualifications and responsibilities may be changed at any time to support and enhance the organization's successful achievement of its mission.