Individual Service Coordinator

Individual Service Coordinator

Essential Functions

  1. Assist individuals and families with making application for services with DSNWK and other agencies as needed.

  2. Coordinate, facilitate, document, and monitor the life planning process for each assigned individual. Facilitate team decisions and assist in development of service provisions, teaching programs and desired lifestyles, as appropriate.

  3. Plan and coordinate entry/orientation to program areas for persons served.

  4. Provide and assist in the initial and ongoing assessment of the needs of the persons served/families (Needs assessment, Aging well, Egress, etc.).

  5. Participate in the initial and annual Basic Assessment and Services Information System (BASIS) for persons served on the assigned caseload.

  6. Coordinate, facilitate and monitor the life planning process for each assigned individual.

  7. Facilitate communication with persons served, staff, guardians, life plan team members and with others as appropriate.

  8. Provide feedback to service providers and/or families on implementation of the life plan and service environment utilizing On-site monitoring, State and CDDO processes, and QA/QE process, etc.

  9. Prepare and participate in service reviews (Quality Assurance, KDHE, KDADS, Audits, etc.)

  10. Participate in school and IEP meetings and activities of persons served and other education activities as invited by the parent/guardian and/or school staff, if designated.

  11. Work with DSNWK and CDDO funding personnel in the administration of available funds to ensure continuity of services.

  12. Inform, review and monitor the human rights of/for individuals on caseload. Prepare, present, and secure proper consents for restrictions as appropriate.

  13. Report health, safety, licensing and ANE issues to appropriate personnel per agency policies.

  14. Maintain Case records for persons served in accordance with agency policies.

  15. Complete required reports according to agency and State policy, licensure and accreditation standards in a timely manner.

  16. Assist with timely transitions from children and youth to adult services.

  17. Plan and coordinate service/program exits as needed, including the appropriate documentation.

  18. Coordinate and/or assist with benefit planning and administration (medicaid, housing, public assistance programs, etc.).

  19. Coordinate and/or attend non-routine medical appointments for assigned caseload.

  20. Serve as point of contact with mental health providers for assigned caseload.

  21. Provide crisis intervention for assigned caseload as necessary.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Complete other duties as assigned by Director of Service Coordination.

  2. Attend initial and ongoing training necessary to maintain requirements for TCM and DSNWK employment.

  3. Participate in agency, community and state meetings and activities as directed.

  4. May need to serve as point of contact with medical service providers for individuals on caseload.

  5. Participate in the Customer Connection on-call system on scheduled rotating basis, if designated.

  6. This position will have access to all PHI and EPHI for individuals whom they support as a member of the Life Plan Team or whom they provide backup services; provide on-call supports, and involvement in investigations, as required; and planning for Day and Residential service options for individuals with dementia and those who are medically fragile. 

  7. This position is not subject to the two year training period as defined by KPERS.

Job Specifications

Education - BA/BS in a human services field. Either a Bachelor's degree or full time experience in the field of developmental disabilities services, which may be substituted for the degree at a rate of 6 months of full time service for each missing semester of college.

Experience - A minimum of six months experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities is required.

Extent of physical effort required - Routine job requirements. Little if any behavior or other physical intervention.

Other Requirements

  1. Must successfully complete the DCF Case Management on-line training modules required by the state of Kansas for IDD/DD case management.

  2. Complete and maintain First Aid/CPR Training.

  3. Acquire and maintain MANDT certification as directed by supervisor.

  4. Able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential information.

  5. Valid driver's license.