Paraprofessional (Hays)

Provide classes at the Reed Center teaching personal, social, recreational, and communication skills. Research curriculum and community opportunities to enhance classroom experiences.

FLSA Status - non-exempt

Job Summary

Teach skills and provide support to individuals served in their home and in the community. The treatment of individuals served with dignity and respect is a prime responsibility.

Essential Functions

  1. Follow all Teaching Plans, Behavior Management Plans and Service Agreement recommendations as defined by the Life Planning Team and record data in Therap or otherwise as required.

  2. Become familiar with and implement the service agreement and risk management plans for each individual served.

  3. Practice, monitor and ensure quality teaching of skills to persons served to include but not be limited to recognizing opportunities to teach, providing rationales, offering positive reinforcement and encouraging decision making skills by each individual.

  4. Provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) to include support and supervision during meal times and transportation etc.

  5. Attend initial and ongoing training in a timely manner to meet the needs of individuals served and meetings as requested by the supervisor.

  6. Report health, safety, licensing and abuse/neglect/exploitation ANE issues to appropriate personnel per agency policy.

  7. Serve as a member of the life plan team by attending and/or providing input into the life planning process.

  8. As necessary, implement crisis intervention strategies including physical restraint, lifting and transferring of persons served, according to agency policy.

  9. Promote community inclusion for desired functions and activities of individuals served.

  10. Represent agency with professionalism and individuals served in an advocacy role at all times.

  11. Ensure individuals served are treated in a dignified, respectful manner and their appropriate preferences and choices are part of their everyday life.

  12. Complete all required documentation in a timely manner.

  13. Provide transportation of individuals served in agency vehicles as needed.

  14. Report any property and vehicle maintenance issues to the supervisor and appropriate DSNWK personnel as per policy.

  15. Enhance or teach independent living skills to individuals served as documented in the individuals' Life Plan and as other opportunities arise.

  16. Perform general cleaning and upkeep of the residence and vehicle assigned to the residence.

  17. Familiarize self with the rights of individuals served and ensure these rights are maintained at all times through appropriate verbal and physical interactions.

Other Responsibilities

  1. May be assigned to pass medications and complete treatments to persons served and record medication passes and treatments as delegated by agency nurse.

  2. Complete other duties as assigned by the Residential Coordinator/Program Coordinator..

  3. This position will have access to PHI and EPHI for individuals who they support as a member of the Life Plan Team and to provide on-call supports, as needed. 

  4. This position is subject to the two year training period as defined by KPERS, unless exceptions are granted due to prior employment. 

Job Specifications

Education - High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

Experience - Prior personal or job related exposure to people with developmental disabilities is preferred.

Extent of physical effort required - Routine job requirements. Moderate frequency of physical intervention (i.e. assisted or unassisted lifting and transferring; physical restraint). Must be able to lift 50 lbs. unassisted.

Comments: Physical requirements - must be physically able to evacuate individuals served in the event of an emergency and be able to apply necessary behavior management techniques as directed by each individual's Life Plan. Position may have other physical requirements for specific work sites, i.e. climbing stairs, extended periods of standing, etc.

Other Requirements

  1. Valid driver's license.

  2. Desire to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

  3. Able to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential information.

  4. Must complete shadow training upon employment.

Daytime shifts available, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Full-Time availability in a family friendly atmosphere. Looking to make a difference? Contact us about substitute opportunities.