Registered Nurse (Hays)

Registered Nurse (RN)

Essential Functions

  1. Participate and/or provide information in the life planning process for individuals who have been assigned to caseload.

  2. Promote individual's independence by addressing medical treatments, assisting in understanding conditions, medications, self-care skills; answering questions.

  3. Protects individuals and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols, medication administration and storage procedures, and controlled substance regulations.

  4. Implement appropriate protective and preventative health measures for individuals served as per agency policy and other applicable regulations.

  5. Oversee the safe and appropriate administration, storage, labeling and record keeping of medications.

  6. Provide instructional classes and curriculum for staff training, as designated.

  7. Provide training to staff on person specific medical topics and treatments.

  8. Maintain a nursing record that includes documentation of individual's care, treatments, physician orders, and complies with DSNWK policies, as well as federal and state regulations.  This would include electronic updates to the person served information and progress notes.

  9. Perform, document and distribute medical screenings of persons served (weight, blood pressure, etc.) This may include Wellness Screenings for HCBS individuals.

  10. Participate equally in the Weekend Nurse on-call responsibility with other agency nurses, as assigned. Complete and submit Nursing On Call Documentation (ADM-047) daily or as needed for documentation of work after hours/weekends.  Complete Nursing Weekend On Call Agreement CL-025h and submit to Director for compensation for weekend on call stipend.

  11. Provide oversight and consultation to LPN's as needed.

Job Specifications

Education: Licensed in the State of Kansas as a Registered Nurse.

Experience: One year of professional nursing experience preferred.  Prior personal or job related exposure to people with developmental disabilities is preferred.

Physical requirements: Must be physically able to evacuate persons served in the event of an emergency and be able to apply necessary behavior management techniques as directed by the individual's Life Plan. Position may have other physical requirements for specific work sites, i.e. climbing stairs, extended periods of standing, etc.