Training Specialist (Hays)

Essential Functions

  1. Conduct trainings as required by DCF, KDADS, KDHE, and other licensing, funding or accrediting entities, or as requested for staff.

  2. Grade classes and notify staff and supervisors of no show/unexcused absences.

  3. Report class attendance to necessary certification providers (American Heart Association, The Mandt System, RTAP) and coordinate distribution of certificates, filing of testing materials, and other class documentation.

  4. Update Training Quarterly count sheet with information from rosters (used in quarterly reports and documentation tracking).

  5. Review staff enrolled for future classes, checking that necessary prerequisites are met and contacting staff and supervisors if a change in enrollment is necessary.

  6. Send enrollment reminders to staff and supervisors enrolled in classes. 

  7. Review, evaluation, and modify existing training programs; recommend appropriate changes for improvement. 

  8. Develop and maintain quality materials, supplies, and techniques to promote learning and retention of subject matter.

  9. Maintain an adequate amount of training materials on site and ready for future classes. 

  10. Order training supplies and materials as needed.

  11. Assist other instructors with technical issues for classes (CFM, Google Meet, Datis).

  12. Review overall agency compliance levels, adding classes to the schedule as necessary and informing supervisors and staff of additional class opportunities.

  13. Attend initial and ongoing training and meetings as directed.

  14. Report outcome measures of ETS on an ongoing basis to the Manager of Human Resource Services. 

  15. Maintain and foster inter and intra-agency relationships benefiting training.

Job Specifications

Education -  High School Diploma or equivalent required. Post secondary education in related field preferred.

Experience - Two years of experience in providing staff training and/or in the developmental disability field preferred.

Extent of physical effort required - Routine job requirements. Little, if any behavior or other physical intervention. Must be able to successfully demonstrate physical skills and techniques for Mandt and First Aid/CPR/AED classes. 

Other Requirements

  1. Strong verbal, interpersonal, presentation and facilitation skills.

  2. Valid driver's license.